16th anniversary of the murder of 14 Serbian reapers in the wheat field in Staro Gracko, Lipljan, Kosovo i Metohija

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Today is the 16th anniversary of the murder of 14 Serbian laborers in the wheat field.

ubistvo gacko

Murdered  Serbian wheat reapers /photo: Novosti 
On 23. July 1999. Albanians and USA terrorists ambushed and killed 14 Serbs in the wheat field in  Staro Gracko near Lipljan.

note: These scenes ARE NOT the scenes from the war but  after the arrival of the International Peace Forces to Kosovo and Metohija, and these people were massacred by Albanian islamofascists, before the World and their peacekeepers very eyes.
This is the true nature of Albanian illegal occupation, their rule in Kosovo. They have learned from the worst: from Ottomans, who brought them to Balkans from Caucasian Albania, from Nazis, they were part and participated with their SS Skanderbej division, and , finally, from Al Qaeda and NATO:






The youngest of them was seventeen. The killed Serbs are:

Milovan Jovanovic,
Jovica and
Rade Zivic,
Andrija Odalović,
Novica and
Momir Janićijević,
Stanimir and
Bosko Dekić,
Sasa and
Ljubisa Cvejić
Stojanovic  and Miodrag Tepšić.


At the graves – Serbs from Staro Gacko

In October 2007. UNMIK police arrested Mazljuma Bitici, from the village of Veliki Alas in Lipljan on suspicion of having participated in the murder. After two months and due to lack of evidence Bitici was released, as usually when the Serbs are the victims. The extremists from the nearby village of Veliki Alas were repeatedly desecrating and bombing the Old Gracko cemetery where the corn reapers were buried, so the Serbs are unable to visit the graves of their beloved ones.

Mass murder of the laborers was one of the worst crimes against Serbs since the arrival of the international mission (UN, NATO) in the province.

Italian documentary  about this crime and English members of NATO forces who refused to protect.   English subtitle:

The official release by UNMIK, as usually, justified the massacre, naming it a revenge (!? and revenge is always just, isn’t it?)  like every crime committed by the Albanians, saying:

The massacre of 14 Serbs on 23rd July 1999 is a part of the revenge actions taken by Albanian after the war. The massacre was conducted at point EN 069 047, which is located app. 1 km from Gracko to southwest. The place is near the crossroads of the field roads coming from Gracko and Veliki Alas. 14 Serbian men were getting the harvest in from the field located in that area. They were returning to Gracko when killers shot them by making a surprise attack from the forest next to the field app. at 2015 hrs. They used 9 assault rifles (7.62 mm) and two pistols (7.62 mm) as firearms. Some of the victims were shot with pistol to a head at a close distance. One Serb tried to escape by tractor, but he was killed app. 150 m from the others by shooting him on back. During that time the village of Gracko was in the AOR of British peacekeeping troops. The area was closed app. one hour after the incident, but shooters managed to escape. Serbs had earlier asked KFOR-soldiers to protect their working on fields, but there were no resources for that. Seven of the murdered Serbs lived in Gracko and others in neighbouring villages. As a result of investigations several people were suspected on murders. A wide house search and arrest operation was conducted on 28th July 1999. In addition, a search operation was conducted to the houses of 25 suspects on 20th January 2000. No evidence related to murders was found. UNMIK-P is still working with the case. A memorial plate has been attached for the memory of the killed ones on the wall of the school in Gracko.”

– end quote

Albanians have always been victims, right? This has to be pushed under carpet, in order to keep their image clean.
So NATO and UNMIK did so.
But According to BIA (Serbia’s intelligence agency) White book about Albanian terrorism and organized crime in Kosovo Ajvaz KORPUZI  is one of the organizers of Staro Gracko massacre.  Serbian Intel. sources released all the necessary info UN investigators need, such as:

AJVAZ (Behram) KORPUZI Born on May 21st, 1956, in the village of Sedlare, Municipality of Lipljan. He stayed in Albania until 1991 and, after completing his military training, he left for Western Europe, where he joined Albanian emigration and became, from 1998 onward, one of the most extreme members of KLA.

He was a member of the headquarters of KLA 121st brigade, as well as an officer of the “military police”, engaged in the planning and direct conduct of terrorist acts aimed against the members of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Yugoslav Army forces on the territory of the villages of Crnoljevo, Lapušnik, Klečka and Magura. In September 1998, the members of the aforementioned unit, carried out a terrorist act against Milosav Stanišić, from the village of Slovinja, a reserve police officer of the police station in Lipljan, who suffered a leg wound. In October of the same year,

he took part in the terrorist attack against Fatmir Qerinaj’s family, from the village of Petrović, Municipality of Štimlje, a policeman from the station in Lipljan, in the arrest of two of Tanjug’s journalists and the assassination of several Albanians loyal to the Republic of Serbia.

After June 1999, he organized ethnic cleansing on the territory of Lipljan and the neighboring villages. He is one of the organizers CLASSIFIED Releasable to UNMIK CLASSIFIED of, and the participants in, the terrorist act carried out on July 23, 1999, in the village of Staro Gracko, Municipality of Lipljan, in which 14 individuals were killed (Novica Janićijević, Stanimir Djekić, Božidar Djekić, Miodrag Tepšić, Andrija Oldalovac, Mile Janićijević, Momčilo Janićijević, Slobodan Janićijević, Milovan Jovanović, Jovica Živić, Radovan Živić, Saša Cvejić, Ljubiša Cvejić and Nikola Stojanović). Ajvaz KORPUZI (DOB 21 MAY 1956. Lives in SEDLARE, DN 9364 0505)  Korpuzi is the chairman of the Lipljan Islamist terrorist War Veteran Association.

However, Korpuzi is still free, and lives in the village of Sedlare, Lipljan.

Staro Gracko spomenik

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