Sharia sneaks through the back stairs – Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The visitors of Sarajevo, Bascarsija,  are  unpleasantly surprised these days,  for it’s  not possible (while enjoying the famous Bosnian kebab), to get a beer or other alcoholic beverages.

To those unfamiliar with the municipal decision from 2007. on the total  ban of alcohol, restaurant managers expose one wall hanging paper where ‘everything is well explained’ as they say.


Afghanistan? Nope, it’s Sarajevo /photo: Novosti

– On the occasion of Ramadan we have to inform you that dispensing and sale of alcohol in the vicinity of educational institutions, places of worship, the harem and the courtyard is strictly prohibited. Also dispensing and sale of alcohol in the month of Ramadan due to the tradition of  Bosniaks (i e Bosnian Muslims),  has to be avoid completely –  the letter from the municipality, signed by Assistant Chief Ali Kamber, says.

For the first ten days, when the decision came  to force,  inspection hasn’t  been rigorous in punishing recalcitrant caterers.  Many restaurants, out of fear of high fines  obey and comply with regulations.  Although the Mayor of the Old Town Ibrahim Hadžibajrić  tagged  decision as  “totally stupid” and said that  his  assistant sent the letter without his permission.

The rest of Sarajevo municipalities have enacted similar legislation, even though  it looks like  beginning of Shariah  ‘through the back door.’

One more curiosity: for a rigid and immediate application of the Law votes came from:   Suljo Agic form SDA and Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina Gradimir Gojer,(Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina ) who is a roman Catholic Croat.


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