Netherlands payed to Srebrenica over € 120 millions of which every single cent has disappeared!

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From 1992.  Netherlands  payed about 120 million euros to Srebrenica, but the amount disappeared, according to a documentary broadcast on Dutch public TV channel NED2.

Srebrenica: The biggest money laundry business in Balkans

The documentary announced that since 2005. the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs donated  five million € pre anum, specifically for the restoration of Srebrenica town, building reconciliation as well as the identification of victims,  so will be for the future.

The Dutch filmmaker tried to find at least one project funded by the money of his country;  and all he found was  a small plant for the production of wine and the collection of medicinal plants together  with six employees, the “Daily Avaz” reports.

Sarajevo journalist Zvonko Maric explained to his  Dutch colleagues that it is well known that Srebrenica was “the biggest money laundry device  in the Balkans.”

“The tragedy of Srebrenica in Bosnia made  lot of people very  rich, but no one was found responsible nor suspicious for malversation  nor money laundry,” Maric said.

The current mayor of Srebrenica Camil Durakovic, claims that a huge amount of money was  “lost” in dealing with  international humanitarian organizations.  But it is more likely that the Srebrenica case is a unique example of an overall and widespread corruption.


source: Dnevni avaz;
Vesti online–Svaki-cent-nestao

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