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A series of bizarre events that followed this year’s Srebrenica “Peace March” ( hornets attack, lightning strikes the column from Tuzla to Potocari, is completed by a morbid tale directed by Turkish news agency “Anatolia”, which was released false information that among victims of “genocide” and there was a baby!

Portray  Serbs as monsters –  The manipulation is buried at Potocari

According to the Turkish  journalist “Anatolia”,  the newborn of Hava and Hajrudin  Muhić from Srebrenica was killed by the Serbian Army in July 1995. The story of a baby who died of “Chetnik hand” provoked the director of the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina Amr Mašović, who stated to the  “Anatolia”  that although the Institute would like  “to meet mother’s wish the baby’s name  will not be listed together with other victims in Potocari.”- It could not be possible due to the procedures and the necessity of registration of births – explained Mašović.

Denial of Sarajevo

Despite efforts by the Turkish journalists  in order to put the nameless baby at all costs on victim list of the Srebrenica,  the denial of this touching fairy tale came straight  from the Sarajevo!  The journalist Eldin Hadžović, irritated and  shocked by these untruths published by the Anatolia, and literally wrote that it was a complete lie, since the baby   “Anatolia” writes about was stillborn!

– You lie, Anatolia! The baby was not killed, but was born dead.  If I didn’t  know the mother and If I wasn’t personally involved in finding the body of the child, I would have thought that this was all the way truth- says Hadžović.

Too much work doctors

“Damn,” which is upon the participants of this year’s “March of Peace” continued yesterday, as, according to the federal media, a large number of Bosniak “pilgrims” sought medical attention due to inadequate footwear that they made ​​”open wounds” on his feet. Also, there were those who were approached to help doctors because prozebli the “Resurrection”, who is from the mountain Udrc followed all the Potocari.
– Medical teams had their hands full. After attacking hornets and lightning, when 14 people were injured, a large number of participants yesterday sought help for various reasons – federal state media.

President of the Municipal Organization of Families of Captured and killed soldiers and civilians from Srebrenica Mladen Grujičić the Press RS says he is not too surprised morbid attempt to tragedy of a family abuse of daily use.

Marvelous hatred

– Anyone who visited Potocari before, knows that there were buried the people who had nothing to do with Srebrenica, who have never lived here and who were not even killed in the area. I’m not surprised by attempts to present Serbs as monsters who killed newborn children. Although the project of maintaining the myth of “genocide” against Bosniaks  sucked a lot of money, the truth is increasingly emerging. Every day we find out new details of Bosniaks who left Srebrenica  and went to Western Europe, Australia or America in 1995.  but their names are engraved on the memorial in Potocari, even though these people are still alive and well! Lies are always short legged, we have a saying.   God sees and knows, thus the series of unfortunate events recently befell the participants of the so called “Peace March”. You cannot do wrong and hope for the good from Him – says Grujičić.

BORS Assembly member  Mihajlo  Parađina says that he was  shocked with the amount of hatred and fabrications that are directed against the Serbs during each marking 11 July.

– Every year at this time we witness incredible lies that come from from the Bosnian Muslim  and Washington side.  This time in this orchestrated campaign even the  Turkey’s “Anatolia” played an dishonest  role.  Anyone who  thinks this is a proper way of  creating future of Bosnia and Herzegovina is very very wrong-Parađina says.


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