An Albanian mob lobbyist leads Islamist insurgency in Egypt

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The man behind the attack on the Egyptian army in front of the elite Republican Guard building in which ousted President Mohamed Morsi was kept is  Safet Hegazy, an Islamic preacher and  the main lobbyists of  Albanian mafia quasi state Kosovo  in Egypt, Serbian media reports.

Hegazy lobbied  strongly for the recognition of Kosovo in Islamist circles. He also received all Kosovo Albanian delegations that ever visited Egypt, including ‘Foreign Minister’  Enver Hoxhaj.

Hegazy, who is known as a radical Islamist and  supporter of Morsi,  has spent October 2011 in ‘Kosovo’, together with representatives of Egyptian parties, civil society and the media.


caption: Safet Hegazy, an Albanian lobbyist

The Albanian media aired his statement, that there was “a great sense of friendship between the peoples of Egypt and Kosovo, which has deep roots and a long history.”

Members of the Egyptian delegation at the time expressed the desire of Cairo as soon as possible to recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Given the fact that the main initiators of Egypt’s recognition of Kosovo were gathered around Morsi and most of them are now in custody or are “candidates for detention,” such as Hegazy,  Pristina might face difficulties in  communication with the new government in Cairo, due to the Albanian   open relying solely on the Islamists.

The recognition of Kosovo was one of the last Morsi’s decisions before the beginning of July was ousted from power.

Hegazi, born in 1963, is a self-proclaimed imam and preacher on the television. It’s interesting that he is banned in the UK.

Hegazi is known for insulting women who do not cover their faces.

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