Bosnian Mujahideen flooded Syria

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From the Balkans to Syria has reportedly came around 300 mujahideen, mostly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and  Serbia SW Serbia inhabited by Bosnian Muslims ( so called  Sandzak). In the case of Bosnia, half of the Mujahideen who fight in Syria are from Sarajevo and its neighborhood.


Number of Bosnian citizens who are fighting against president Assad in  Syria mainly as members of the notorious Al Nusara front, which is classified as a terrorist organization, is far greater than what is mentioned in the media, according to the intelligence services.

From the Balkans to Syria has reportedly left around 300 mujahideen, mostly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and SW Serbia (‘Sandzak’).


In the case of Bosnia, about half of the Mujahideen who fight in Syria came from Sarajevo and the surrounding area. They gather in the Sarajevo suburb of Butmir in the house of the Wahhabi Nusret Imamovic, who bought it from another Wahhabi,  Sead Redžematović from Montenegro. He was later deported to Montenegro, the Banja Luka media reports.

As a member of the / Wahhabi/ Salafi movement Redžematović was close friend of Imamovic. He built a large house near the airport in Sarajevo.  He decided to turn it into a mosque for the “Wahhabi brethren.”  In addition, their presence has been observed in larger gatherings organized at BKC in Sarajevo.

Another group of Wahhabis gathered in the home Bajro Ikanovic in Hadžici. Ikanović is accused of terrorism and illegal possession of weapons.

The third place for the gathering is  in Konjic, at  Semir Telebic home. He’s often on the Internet under name: Sammy al Cavalry.

After they reach  Syria, the Mujahideen are trained  in different specialties, and when they return to Bosnia and the Balkans they are treated as “war veterans” respectful, experienced in various forms of terrorism, or  any other armed conflict.

Americans are “tolerant” towards the Mujahedeen, same like in 1992.  That’s the period when they started to flood  Bosnia and Herzegovina.  They kept calm and silent for years, at least at the surface. However, once you have begun to publish a death certificate, they shall be publicly speak.

Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. year was “importer” and now is the fourth “exporter” of radical Islamists in the world, right after Tunisia, Libya and Afghanistan.

Bosnian media have reported  recently  that on the front line in Syria two citizens of  Serbia (Novi Pazar region) have been killed: Adis Salihovic was killed in a bomb attack.  He fought in Syria under the name Abu Merdija. He was killed with Kundakovic Eldar from Novi Pazar who fought under the pseudonym Abu Ber.

The media in the Bosnia Herzegovina reported that the volunteers for participation in the war in Syria gather in the Turkish city of Antakya, and they get organized transportation to the Turkish- Syrian

Members of the State Investigation and Protection / SIPA / announced earlier that there are  eight persons connected to the  organized trip to Syria,  where they join terrorist organizations  tied to  Al Qaeda.  In the last ‘shipment’ three ‘rebels’ left from Sarajevo and Zenica, two  Mostar.