Sarajevo: Demolished and broken glass on the XIX Century Serbian Orthodox Church

Posted on May 22, 2013 by


 Unknown perpetrators desecrate the Serbian Orthodox st. Sava church in Sarajevo neighborhood Blažuj( built in 1896.).  They broke all windows and left threatening messages (‘Go to Serbia’ ,  ‘Jihad’)

Rector of Blažuj,  Bojan Kulašević told SRNA that  the windows of the temple facing the street have been broken; They are next to the  altar.

“The attack was carried out by  stones that have been brought from somewhere else, because such rocks cannot be find in vicinity of the temple,” said Kulašević.

He said that unidentified vandals twice printed  “Allah” on the wall of the altar wall of the church.

The local police is informed and they  conducted the investigation.

The Church of Saint Sava in Blažuj has also been attacked a month ago when ( still ) unknown perpetrators attempted  to ignite door. It is believed that then someone tried to start the fire by sprinkling the door and carpet with gasoline first.

Ten days ago the requiem for the dead and dying soldiers Veterans of Republika Srpska army was served in the church as a part of the Memorial Day of the formation of Ilidža Brigade, RS Army.