After almost two years Serbian nationals acquitted from charges, released from the Libyan prison

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Five citizens of Serbia who were captured by the rebels in Libya in august 2011. after almost 2 years have been released and returned to Serbia today. Five Serbs arrived in Libya 12 august 2011. to work on the constructions.  They were abducted on 19. August while traveling from the hotel “Radisson Blu” in Tripoli and have since then been held imprisoned in in Zintan, Libya, about 180 kilometers southwest of Tripoli. They were under suspicion of being Gaddafi SU or snipers.

Srbi iz libije

The five are: Zoran Nikolic from Lazzarevac, Milorad Djunić from Loznica, Milic Martinovic from Arandjelovac, Vojislav Nićiforović from Belgrade and Nedeljko Milanovic from Lazarevac.
At the headquarters of the BIA (security intel. office) they met deputy  prime minister minister of Serbian Government, Aleksandar Vucic & co.

They arrived to Belgrade by a regular flight via Tunisia and they landed at the airport “Nikola Tesla” at 10 am, where they were then taken  to the airport clinic, where they were medically examined.


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