Bosnian Muslims, FSA members from Novi Pazar killed in Syria

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Muslims from Bosnia and SW Serbia (which they call like Ottomans did, Sandžak)  fight in Syria alongside the Syrian rebels, NATO and Al Qaeda (their old allies  from Balkan wars) against president Assad.

The following article appeared in their  popular media


” The story of martyrs Shammah from Sandzak ..


Tonight tearfully recalls the Mujahideen,
the brothers are to Islam as a fallen martyrs,
the brothers are to Islam as a fallen martyrs ..
And we are all with them,
and we are Mujahideen ..
And we are all with them,
and we Mujahideen ..
Kufr will break falling like martyrs ..
Kufri will break dropdown like martyrs ..


I want to tell you a story, a story about an event that I’m happy and I shed tears, the story of the good news and can not to laugh ..
This is the story of Mujahideen from Sandzak ..
I am telling you is because last night (15.05.2013), the two achieved to get what they came from, what their hearts craved for, martyrdom ..
First Brother Abu Merdija ..
Subhan Allah, wallahi did not know that his brother is more zikrio from him ..
He’d be with us in the room as it does. .
always be brothers laughed in his face, he knew he had to charity ..
He has very prominent feature of the first Mujahideen, kindness to the believers ..
This is how it was cuddly and soft to the brothers that I do not know to describe, but I know that we all enjoyed his company even though he said little ..
Somehow he exuded some peace ..
I did not know a lot, was the second town in Sandzak ..
We met and parted here in the holy land of Al-Sham ..
I love it in the name of Allah, what is just a man who left his wife and five children to go to defend the weak and oppressed?
What just iman when you leave a wife, four daughter and a son who is about a year?
Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah ..
This is a great Man, that’s a big iman ..
Another is my tiger, so I called him, my fellow citizens, Pazarac-Abu Bera ..
Allahu Akbar, we lived in the same city for so many years and it was our destiny to become intimate here in Samui ..
By Allah as if now I’m sitting with him while talking to him, laughing doing when I went to Jihad ..
As I walked to the bus stop, I met him on the street .. As Brother just radiated nurom face, I will never forget ..
We had a little there joking and talking about jihad, he did not know that I was going, I was hiding all ..
We parted in Pazar, laughing and he questioned where I’m going,  I said I go to college, with a laugh ..He thought he was going to school .. We parted ..

The time has passed, I was in training in Samui and during a training session he came to visit me ..
Subhan Allah that we loved, I can not describe that hug at our meeting ..
Later he constantly came to train with me ..
Most would talk while running, and most of Sandzak, Pazar ..
I do not plan to go back there, and Allah determines ..
He told me to get back together for about ten days just to get married because he promised, so he led Subhanallah account of a trust ..
The one that was going to marry him, telling him not to worry and to rejoice because was going to marry my tiger, Sandzak hero ..
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar ..
I have completed training and went to court, now some day resting as they went to other brothers ..
Dan me yesterday was normal, but what happened last night I will never forget ..

Eldar 1 303x410 Shaheed from Novi Pazar to fight in Syria

Abu Merdija was appointed emir action in jail, he was an experienced fighter, and Abu Bara was with him and some of the brothers ..
They were on the ground where few days ago a Brother from Bosnia was martyred, Muaz rahimahullah ..
It is a prison in which disbelievers hold our brothers and sisters suffering from  rape, Allah mestean ..
The action started yesterday evening , Mujahideen headed to defend the honor of our sisters…  as many brothers sit in chairs with their wives and do nothing  like cowards,  while we drown  in the Ummah own blood ..
Abu Merdija and Abu Bera didn’t sit, they have to fight to be the word of God from above, they gave their lives for Allah and Allah in achieved degrees with Allah at which they envied letter ..
They went like  heroes courageously and without fear and Abu Merdija as real emir, the first-in front of all ..
Allahu Akbar ..
Martyred Abu Merdija and Abu Bara went to get him out and he was martyred, Allahu Akbar ..
Last night we were told that they are martyred, we went to we see them and descend into the grave ..
Abu Merdija had such a smile that I will never forget, and Abu Bara was martyred with a raised index finger .. Smelled the both of you wallahi ..
I cried like never, Abu Bera is still bleeding .. I kissed him, raised his hands and supplicating to God that you do not pass a month without me Allah honors martyrdom ..
I ask every one who reads this that he supplication to Allah for me ..
Allah knows who the author of this text ..
I ask Allah to grant sabr families Abu Merdije Abu Bere and that they receive martyrdom ..
Amin, Amin, Amin Allahume ..
I wrote this in my hand Misk, who was last night in Abu Merdije, a cap on my head that last night wore Abu Bera ..
I hold the shirt he gave Abu Abu Merdija Beri and he replied ..
From now that I’m in the action, comprising regular to martyrs .. it
will be soon ..

** My addition: The picture is of my brother Eldar Subhanallah … we met it before he went to Syria .. He did not say he leaves for jihad .. Subhan Allah ..
May Allah give you accept martyrdom Abu Bera ..

PAZAR martyrs!”     ————-   END QUOTE

* Automatic translation which I tried to correct

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