The memory of the Serbs killed by Muslim & Croatian forces in camps in Odzak 8.May 1992. – 8. May 2013.

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Vukosavlje RS and FBiH Odzak

Remaining Serbs from Vukosavlje and  village of  Novi Grad in Odzak, Posavina,  today mark 21 years since the  suffering of the Serbian people in the Croato – Muslim concentration camps during their aggression on Yugoslavia.

Croato – Muslim concentration camps for Serbs in Odžak had been operating from May to July in 1992. and 1,294 Serbs – 864 men, 326 women and 104 children were tortured, raped and killed there. The youngest victim was 10 years old Serbian girl.

42 civilians didn’t survive the torture in the camps in Odzak later in Brod, Orašje and Slavonski Brod in Croatia.

20 Serbian soldiers who had previously undergone torture of Croat-Muslim forces in the camps later laid their lives for the defence of  Serbian lands.


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