Bloody Dalmatia: The remains of forty four murdered Serbs exhumated so far

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It is expected that exhumation of the remains at least 44  Serbian civilians buried at  Zadar cemetery, Croatia,  after Croatia’s bloody “Operation Storm” in 1995 to be terminated soon.  The first autopsy results are expected within two months. At the cemetery in Zadar, where  at least 44 unidentified persons have been buried buried after the Croatian military and police operation “Storm” in 1995, the exhumation is about to be terminated.

Heads of the Commission for Missing persons  Serbia and Croatia Veljko Odalović and Ivan Grujic visited the cemetery today in Zadar and Croatian Grujic said that among the victims of a member of the RS Krajina armed forces and civilians.

“These are the known graves and burial was conducted according to international conventions.  There are 44 sets of human remains so far, but it is possible to find more,” Grujic admitted.

“It is known that a significant number of corpses  was  buried there, but let’s wait for identification,” said Odalović.

The victims were thrown  to  a mass grave in the wider area of Zadar in 1995.

Serbian  Commission for Missing Persons announced last week that the exhumation in Zadar continues and that graves in the region of Northern Dalmatia are to be examinated because that’s one of numerous  spots where Croatian forces buried the civilians they killed in the aggression (i.e. ‘Operation  “Storm”) on Serbian Military  Frontier  – RS Krajina

This process began  with exhumation of the cemetery in Knin, capital of vanished RS Krajina, where the remains of 301 Serbs have been found.

What really happened in August 1995. in RS Krajina?   On August 4, 1995, the Croatian Government, a proxy and satellite state of the U.S., launched the largest act of ethnic cleansing of the entire Yugoslav conflict of the 1990s.
 Map of Serbian Military Frontier, RS Krajina.  The New Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1986 Reference: EB, Edition 1986, Macropedia, Vol 29, page 1061, Entry: Yugoslavia, Croatia, History, says: The Vojna Krajina (Militargrenze), a Serbian military frontier zone  was formed in 1578. As THIS ZONE WAS SUBJECT DIRECTLY TO THE EMPEROR IN VIENNA, it meant further loss for the Croats.  Turkish invasion instigated a partial change in the ethnic aspect  of the lands settled by Croats. Large numbers of Croats abandoned their homes and moved northward seeking safety, some even going out of Croatia altogether into Austria. In partly depopulated areas the rulers settled… …or granted certain privileges to the Serbs who escaped from the Balkans and took refuge in the Vojna Krajina to became defenders of the Habsburg Empire.

end quote)

From 250,000 to 300,000 Krajina Serbs were driven from their ancestral homes in the largest act of ethnic cleansing since the Holocaust, since the end of World War II in 1945. Krajina Serb refugees listed the names of 2,650 Serbs who were killed in this unprecedented act of genocide. But because the U.S. Government and media orchestrated and planned this genocide and ethnic cleansing campaign, it was covered-up and censored and suppressed. The Krajina genocide resulted in the destruction and elimination of an entire people, the Krajina Serbs.
The photo above is of a three-year old Serbian boy who was shot dead while hiding in the cellar at 72 Nikola Demonja Street, Vukovar, Croatia. His mother and father, Sladjana and Miroslav Cecavac, were also brutally killed by Tudjman’s neo-Ustashe Nazi troops. This 3 year old Serbian child was labelled a “Serbian aggressor” by Tudjman’s HDZ neo-Ustashe Croatian government and the Western corporate- controlled media. In order to stop his so-called ”aggression”, the so-called ”brave” Croatian neo-Ustashe soldiers put a bullet in the back of his head, which exited from the front of his skull. In the war in Croatia and Bosnia, by mid-1994, 7,000 Serbian children were killed: twice as many as Croatian and Muslim children combined. If, God forbid, this was your child, what would you do to his killers? (From: “The Suppressed Serbian Voice And The Free Press In America” By William Dorich, 1994 – p 30)
The Genocide Convention was meant to prevent the kinds of war crimes and crimes against humanity that occurred in Krajina against the Serbian population. An entire people was left without a trace. The Krajina ethnic cleansing orchestrated by the U.S. Government and media was the only genuine and real genocide that occurred during the Yugoslav secessionist conflicts of the 1990s. But because the U.S. planned and organized this genocide, it has been censored and suppressed. Serbian houses, homes, businesses, churches, and property were systematically targeted in an organized genocide. Serbian civilians were murdered.
(Zoran Pavlovic and his sister Zorica were killed along with their entire family on November 19, 1991, by retreating Croatian forces. A view of Zorica reveals how really brutally she was murdered. Her skull was also crushed. (Photos by Goran Mikic, Reuters)
Pro-Nazi and Ustasha graffiti were painted on destroyed and burned Serbian houses and property. The systematic destruction demonstrated planning at the highest governmental levels of the Croatian government and military. Ustasha imagery and references to pro-Nazi leader Ustasha Poglavnik Ante Pavelic were sprayed on vandalized Krajina Serb homes. Serbian refugees were forced to evacuate their ancestral lands and flee to Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina. Their homes and property were taken over by Croats. This was the largest refugee crisis since the Holocaust, since World War II. The roads and streets were flooded to overflowing with Serbian refugees as an estimated 250,000 to 300,000 Krajian Serb refugees were expelled from Krajina. This act of ethnic cleansing constituted genocide, the total elimination and destruction of an entire people and culture.
Exodus of the Krajina Serbs
Why wasn’t U.S. President Bill Clinton tried as a war criminal for genocide? Why wasn’t U.S. Ambassador to puppet and proxy Croatia Peter Galbraith tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide? Why wasn’t U.S. political and military leaders charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity? Why weren’t genocide charges brought against the U.S.? The simple answer is: The U.S. controls the instruments of power and coercion and the media. As a result, the largest act of ethnic cleansing since the Holocaust goes unpunished. It is not even documented or acknowledged. No justice is rendered for this crime of genocide. The U.S. and its Croat proxy and satellite gets away with mass murder and genocide and ethnic cleansing. The largest act of ethnic cleansing in Europe since World War II occurred in Krajina beginning on August 4, 1995. It was the only genuine and real act of genocide committed during the Yugoslav conflicts of the 1990s. Because it was planned and orchestrated by the U.S., however, it remains censored and covered-up. The Krajina genocide represents a genocide that has not been acknowledged or punished.