14 year old Serbian child was killed and thrown into the river Rhône near Condrieu Thursday night. Two Frenchmen, 23 and 27, and a woman were arrested.

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Two young men of 23 and 27, and 18-year-old girl were arrested on Saturday in the department of Rhone in southeastern France, as suspects for two days earlier murder of a 14-year-old Serbian boy. The  three slaughtered the boy,  thrown the body  into the Rhone river.   As soon as the gendarmerie picked them up,  young men gave out all the necessary information  to find the the victim’s body, which floated on the surface of the river Rhone.

Serb killed

A 14 year old ethnic Serb was killed and thrown into the Rhône near Condrieu Thursday night.Two young men, aged 23 and 27, and a woman were arrested. | Screenshot Google Maps

The murderers  confirmed that they knew the boy and often met  him.  The boy from Serbia probably accepted the invitation to meet  in the village Sablon without an idea what the French beasts were up to.

According to the French press, the killers  have blamed the victim for “interfering into their relationship  in a negative way”  and apparently that’s why they decided to kill him.  So they attacked and slaughtered him,  thrown the body on a river shoal.  According to “Progress”, the two youths from Condrieu (Rhône) and Saint-Clair-du-Rhône ( Isère), were indicted for “murder” and imprisoned. The young woman  is charged with “complicity”.