Srebrenica – Ciudad sin Dios ( Srebrenica – Godless city ) 30, May, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

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On May 30,  Serbian Weekly (Semanario Serbio) shall organize a Conference in Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid,  entitled Srebrenica – Ciudad sin Dios ( ‘Srebrenica – Godless city ” ), dedicated entirely to the globally  ’known’  facts about what happened in  Srebrenica that were  spread by the media worldwide, i.e. ”the worst massacre in Europe after World War II”.  There will be  presentation of the book with the same title, (Srebrenica – Ciudad sin Dios)  whose copies will be distributed free of charge to the attendees.


The participants are  Michel Collon,  Belgian writer and journalist (Michale Collon is the author of several books on the civil wars in the ex-Yugoslavia;      Eduardo Luis Aguirre,  professor  of Criminal law and Criminology and Investigator of the Universtity of Pampa, Argentina ( and Stephen Karganovich, American lawyer of Serbian origin, president of the  NGO  ’Srebrenica Historical Project’   Hague, Holland (  Organized and hosted by Alexander Vuksanović, editor

The  goal of this conference is not to reduce the number or the  Muslim victims  in Srebrenica, but rather to try to stimulate the distancing from the politics and propaganda  through the creation of an  impartial contextual framework (as much as possible) of the Srebrenica tragedy, that could serve as a real contribution to the future peace, reconciliation and coexistence between the Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims.

In a clear violation of laws and customs of war, in July, 1995 in Srebrenica hundreds of Muslim prisoners were shot.  It’s natural that we  condemn energetically this terrible massacre and thus express our solidarity  with all the victims and their families, regardless their  nationality, religion or political ideology. We do not question the crime committed by a group of Serbs, we’ll try to place it in its suitable historical, political and military frame and thus ad a fair legal and moral dimensions to it.

Besides the intention to raise a new debate on Srebrenica where all the involved parties shall participate in order to re-examine  the circumstances that surrounded the Srebrenica case, our goal is also to open the debate on the Serbian victims that were completely ignored even though not less numerous than the Muslim ones, and whose villages  surrounding the ”protected and demilitarized” enclave  remain even  today, almost 18 years after the tragic events, –  destroyed,  despite all the help,  both state  and international, to the Srebrenica area.

In addition,  the debate  about the tragedy in Srebrenica shall have another dimension,  and that’s  media.  Looking only for their own benefit, which supposedly brought peace to Bosnia, media remains muted for any discordant voice labeling it  “Holocaust denier”, and thus giving wings to the radical part of the Bosnian Muslim people who fully rejects any mentioning of Srebrenica that’s less than ‘The Genocide’  as well as mentioning Serb victims.

This is the framework within we today  find ourselves and  we intend to expand it through  this Conference and the book, hoping that the result of this effort will open the path for dialogue,  reconciliation and coexistence between the Serbs and Bosnian Muslims.

Organizer:   Semanario Serbio;  translated  from Spanish by me.

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