May 1 marks 20 Years Since Croatian bloody Operation “Flash”

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1.May 2015.  marks 20 – eth anniversary of the beginning of ethnic cleansing and Croatian military operation “Flash”, in which, according to the data of the Documentary-informative center “Veritas”,  283 Serbs from western Slavonia were killed, and at least 30,000 people were expelled.


Among the murdered Serbs  were 57 women and 9 children. According to the data of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, between 83 and 100 Serbian civilians were massacred, and both NGOs point out that none of the Croats was trialed for the war crimes in the operation “Flash”.

According to the data from “Human Rights Watch”, after the “Flash” 1,500 Serbs were arrested, and many of them were taken to detention camps in Varazdin, Slavonska Pozega, Nova Gradiska and Bjelovar.

Due to the anniversary of the “Flash”, there will be a memorial service in the Church of Saint Mark in Belgrade, on the May 1, at 11 o’clock. Near the temple, on the commemorative plaque, the Association of the families of the missing “Tear” will lay flowers and wreaths for the Serbian victims.


Never sorry: Neonazi president glorifies genocide: “Thanks to Flash and Storm we have liberated Croatia, taking her towards NATO”, Grabar in Okucani, the most ethnic clean state in the World, May 1, 2015.

In Gradiska, in Republic Srpska, where most of the refugees from west Slavonia lives, people will toss flowers from the Bridge of salvation and wreaths in Sava river, and in the church of the Holy Virgin in the city will be memorial service.

In 1995 Croatian military forces fulfilled the Ustasha dream of murdering and driving hundreds of thousands of Serbs from their ancestral lands in and near Croatia.
It’s significant to keep in mind the fact that Croatia’s sponsors, organizers and allies in this gruesome crimes were Germany, the Vatican and the US.

NDH Gerrmany