At the Turkish cemetery in Kosovska Mitrovica the remains of seven missing, and two mutilated body parts have been discovered

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How come that NO MAINSTREAM MEDIA reported about this finding? Meanwhile CNN, BCC, DW, Al Jazeera were so eager in reporting  any /even false flag/ MASSACRE from Balkans  always with the emphasis on the presumed and probable  Serbian guilt, this time they remained mute.  Is that so because the remains were of the (still)  missing Serbs?  Because the silence  usually covers all  whenever the Serbs were the victims, and NATO / U.S.  allies,   steeped in the blood, were the  perpetrators. Yet there is no such a media manipulation and  mist that could  hide their bloody footprints forever.
tursko groblje

 At the Turkish cemetery in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica the remains of seven missing persons have been discovered, as well as the two parts of the skeleton. 

The remains of seven presumed missing persons were recovered; while a further two skeletal parts were also retrieved. The victims were exhumed from unmarked graves spread throughout both the upper and lower part of the cemetery. During the operation an additional four potential burials were pin-pointed.  EULEX DFM believes that there could be more unmarked burials at this location and the officials say will request further prosecutorial orders for more exhumations in the near future.

This is from the EULEX report:  “So far this year EULEX and DFM have conducted 18 field operations in the Peja/Pec, south Mitrovica, north Mitrovica, Suha Reka/Suva Reka, Prizren, Gjakova/ Ðakovica, Klina and Skenderaj/Srbica areas. Seven of these resulted in exhumations where the remains of 28 individuals were recovered.”
The mainstream media protects the criminals. That’s the crime, too.