Croatian politician: I do not want my child to marry Serb

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At a joint meeting of the Committee for Human Rights and National Minorities and the Media Committee initiated by the Independent Democratic Serbian Party in Croatia, there was a fierce conflict and hate speech from Croatian politician Ruža Tomasic.

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caption: Ruza Tomasic,  serbophob,  Croatian representative in the EU Parliament

“What’s the problem if only the seven percent of young people said they could marry a Serb? I do not want my child to marry a Serb, nor Hungarians, even for Italians, even for the Germans. “ said Tomasic.

Ruza Tomasic is a Croatian representative in the European Parliament.

Pupovac criticized that no one of HRT (Croatian national Television) reacts when the stadiums yell “Kill the Serb”. “Instead of putting an end to the match, or end the broadcast – there are no sanctions. Moreover, later on everything is  relativized “, complained Pupovac.

The EU parliament representative  Tomasic justified the shouts of “Kill the Serb”  for “They lasted “very short”.