Turkey has launched the ” Walking the Paths of our ancestors in the Balkans” project!

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The Great Powers decided: Turkey is the new Israel, and the  Serbs are Palestinians.  Neo – Otomanism at its worst.

If one could observe all the bad things that have loomed over the suffering of the Serbian people, he would  come to the only possible conclusion, and that would be : we do not have the  spiritual unity – an awareness of the same ethnic, religious, cultural and civilizational belonging, an awareness of the same aspirations, goals and interests, regardless of the geographical areas where Serbs live, and ideological and party-political affiliation.

Serbian prominent academic Vasilije  Krestić recognizes that the specific interrupts and discontinuations with our spiritual inheritance began to form after the collapse of the Serbian medieval state.  Penetration of the Ottoman Turks into traditional Serbian spiritual  space  resulted in  Serbian lost of their social elite.

In the XX century  the spiritual unity of the Serbian people was cut out by the acceptance of the Yugoslav idea, and later the violent  communist internationalism completely disintegrated awareness of ethnicity. History is a teacher of life.  That’s the reason the state of Serbia became an easy prey for those folks who have so far shown insatiable appetite when it comes to our territory, natural and social resources. Here’s an example:

It started openly during  the training course for the  implementation of the project organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Turkey, the USA and Great Britain governments.

Their Thematic summer camps that have been held since last summer,  in order their future young leaders  could  attend lectures  in the field of international relations, geopolitics, history, political science, law, literature …  And around 3000 students selected from across Turkey, including cadets of military academies are involved in an ‘amazing’ project called “Walking the Paths of our ancestors in the Balkans.” (?!)

These camps have been organized with only one (more or less hidden) goal:  to form future politicians and soldiers who will operate the parts of – I must say, almost restored –  Ottoman Empire. We should not forget that this infernal project is knocking our door.

According to Jelena s Guskova, Russian political analyst,  “Turkish military academy cadets and officers  started to learn  Serbian and Albanian, as the NATO plans, when Serbia enters the military organization, Serbs and Albanians will be under the command of the Turkish military personnel.  In the second phase of the project the process will include  Serbs and Albanians to study Turkish as a language of the neo -Ottoman Empire. “


The lobbyists of this project proudly disclosed that the current education system in Turkey made a ​​great injustice when separated history of geography. 

Since Turkish politicians and generals are learning how to restore its influence in the Balkans we should not forget that they are  wholeheartedly supported by the so called ‘Bosniaks’ who demand the autonomy of ancient Serbian territory Raška ( they called it in Tukish –  Sandžak) 

pazarci turska

caption: supporters of Novi Pazar football team always wave Turkish flags  yelling:  This Is Turkey! (See the video: http://youtu.be/0lNMeTj7PaQ)

If the present government does not recognize  the hidden intentions of the great powers, after all we’ve been through, I am afraid there will be neither Serbs, nor Serbia.