Syrian forces captured more than 500 Saudi mercenaries, FSA members

Posted on March 30, 2013 by


At least 500 Saudi members of Al Qaeda that have been fighting against Syrian government and president Assad  captured


Syrian   government  announced that they have captured more than 500 al-Qaeda mercenaries who fought on the side of the rebels, all  Saudi Arabia citizens.

As the Suria al-En reports  at least 500 Saudis illegally entered Syria and with other  Al-Qaeda members tried to  infiltrate into Syria.

Most of them were captured during the just completed three successful operations of the regular Syrian army near the capital Damascus.  Operations were carried out in the regions Dubar, El-Utejb and Mazar-el-Ib.

There are no diplomatic contact between the official  Damascus and Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia uses a third party to negotiate return of the bodies of their fallen citizens.


A spokesman for the Saudi Interior Ministry has just announced that many  of the Al Qaeda members, for which the arrest warrant was already issued, are fighting in Syria now and that they will be arrested as soon as they attempt to cross the border.

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