March 26, 1992: The Massacre of Serbs in Sijekovac

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The first war crimes against Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina took place in the village Sijekovac near Brod on March 26,  1992.

Jelica Zecevic from Sijekovac near Brod  in just one hour of criminal rampage of HOS (Croatian secessionist paramilitaries)  and other paramilitary Croat-Muslim forces  lost her husband, two brothers-in-law and father in law.  On the same day 26 March 1992, another 16 Serbian inhabitants of Sijekovac have been killed. The slaughter of Serbs was carried out by the members of the Army of the Republic of Croatia, along with paramilitary units of Bosnian Muslims ( SDA and HDZ BiH)

Murder of Martic family from Brod announced free hunt on Serbs in Sijekovac has started

The murder of Andreja  Martic, his son Momir and their neighbor Dusan Dujmić, and the wounding of Andrej’s wife  Merima occured some day before in Brod.  Before these attacks the cafe bar owned by Andrew Martic was blown up.

Heavily armed Croatian soldiers threatened the  members of Martic family and their  neighbors who were present, ordered them to run down the street, and then opened fire. According to the evidence gathered, the crimes was committed by members of the joint Croatian Armed Forces from Sisak , led by  Jozo Kožul and Bosnian Muslim “Handzar division”  led by Alija  Halibašić.

Their  youngest victim was 17-year-old Dragan Milosevic, while the eldest victim – Jovo Zecevic was 72.
The next day the same people killed 41 Serbs.

However, this is not the final list of civilians killed. Dead bodies were later dumped into the Sava River. After a horrible crime Sijekovac visited the then members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Biljana Plavsic, Fikret Avdic and Franjo Boras and the crime footage was aired via TV Sarajevo Jutel.

Testimony of  Jelica Zecevic

“I knew something terrible was going to  happen. My late husband  went to work in the refinery, but he didn’t get there.  Our neighbors  Croats and Bosnian Muslims set the watch guards over all the entrances to the village, so they didn’t let him pass “- recalls her memories Jelica Zecevic.

On the same day, at about 17:00 hours, the village was subjected to terrible bombing. The numerous Serbian neighbors hid in the  basement of the Zecevic home. When the mortar fire died down,  a large group of soldiers of the Republic of Croatia broke into the Zecevic home.
“I recognized our neighbors Croats and Bosnian Muslims among them, Jelica speaks. ” They wore Croatian Army uniforms. They immediately began to curse and threaten to kill us. “-

They separated her from her husband and taken to a nearby tree, for which he was tied. They came to take her.

“They threatened to rape me, and then pour a gasoline over and burn me alive. I begged them not to do so. First they killed my husband. They did not even spare my father in law or my brothers in law. I am alive, because one Croat neighbors ordered them not to kill women, it’s enough to kill men and children “-  says Jelica.

Croatian soldiers also killed three members of the Milosevic family: father and his two sons, and Marko  Radanovic and Sreto Trivic who were also hiding from the grenades  in the basement of the Zecevic home, as well as  ten more Serbs.

Ljubica Sedlić is another survivor of the Sijekovac massacre. She witnessed the evil that happened in the  Sijekovac on 26. March 1992.  She witnessed the atrocity against the Zecevic family .
The next day her house was set on fire with her disabled  husband captured inside. She testified that the perpetrators shouted: “This is Paraga Army and Ante Prkacin. Serbs, you will remember us. ”

Ljubica and several other residents were taken to a home in Sijekovac and later to concentration camps.

Marko Grabovac: Sijekovac not randomly selected

The head of  the organization  in charge of searching detained soldiers and missing civilians Marko Grabovac said that the massacre in Sijekovac  did not happen by accident. Sijekovac hasn’t been just randomly selected. This place was an example of coexistence of people of different nationalities, but  also important transitional spot for  Croatian forces invasion towards the inside Derventa (Serbian area) and Herzegovina “.

Especially painful is the fact that despite all the evidence, 21 years after the crime, no one has been prosecuted so far

“They know the perpetrators and their commanders. I believe that a factor of foreign powers is the main cause of failure to process the criminals. The same foreign powers that played an important role at the beginning of the war in Bosnia, are even today present here and their role is important. ”

On the 26.  March  Luka Milosevic and his two sons Zeljko – born in 1968. Dragan – born in 1974 have been killed.  The  third son – Sasha, who was nine, remined. One of the Croatian soldiers had already pulled out a knife to cut his throat   but another soldier  saved the child.  His mother Mladenka Milosevic died shortly afterwards from the pain for her husband and two sons.

Who are the criminals of Sijekovac

There is plenty of evidence concerning  Sijekovac massacre, as there is evidence for other crimes where  the victims were Serbs.  All the evidence was handed over to the ICTY  investigators under the file code 22 in May 2002. The ICTY investigators  handed it over to the – Croato – Muslim federal Prosecution of war crimes, (?!)  in 2006.   (Which so far have not done anything for this crime to be prosecuted).

District Prosecutor’s Office in Doboj confirmed an indictment against Nijaz Causevic, aka Bear, Mark Milos / 62 / and Miroslav Kopljara / 44 / for crimes against Serbian civilians in Sijekovac 1992. Nijaz Causevic – Teddy Bear was the commander of the so-called intervention platoon HVO (Croatian army) whose members have committed crimes in Sijekovac. Intervention Platoon of  HVO numbered 68 members.

It is not a secret that the troops of  then  Republic of Croatia, which was furiously and in high speed recognized by Vatican, Germany USA and the EU, entered  Brod  during the night between 3  and 4 March 1992.

It is also well  known that they participated in all the crimes committed in the Brod municipality and in Sijekovac.  Any further investigation concerning this case  would certainly open a new sight and completely expose the role of Croatia in setting fires of war in Bosnia.