Croatia: Intolerance towards the Orthodox even if they died over 100 years ago

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Priests and monks of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Croatia are equally undesirable, whether they are  alive or dead.  The dead are undesirable even if they died more than a century ago.

At the local cemetery in Plaski in Karlovac County the burial place of Serbian Orthodox Bishop Theopan Zivkovic was desecrated and  local  governments do not allow investigation in order to  determine whether the remains were excavated from the tomb.


caption: Serbian Orthodox Church in Plaski, today in Croatia

Local Serbian Orthodox priest  Goran Slavnić says that the crime was committed  in the paste few days,  but that could not be seen because of the high snow.

“We found a hole depth of about 1.5 meters in length and width than by meter, the  dirt was thrown aside.  I  didn’t see any remains nor bones. “

The priest said that from the mayor office an order to re -bury all the graves (without an investigation) again was issued, even though he opposed it.

“Although I wanted to  check whether the grave still contains the remains of Bishop, they did not allow it and they said they will call the police if I oppose their order.”

Slavnić does not expect the case to be investigated and said that the damage was more spiritual than material.  The priest mentioned the mistreatment they are subject to, including constant provocations and  recent breaking  the windows of the church, offensive derogatory comments and singing Ustasha songs while passing near the church.

Before the August 1995. the town Plaski  was 99 percent Serbian, and now there are about 40 per cent Serbs and 60 percent Croats, who moved from Bosnia.

Vladika Theophanes was born in nearby Karlovac (Austro Hungarian Emporium) 1825. He attended high school at Karlovac, a seminary in Szeged.

He studied Laws in Belgrade and became a monk in 1853.  In 1874. he was elected Bishop Gornjokarlovacki. Bishop Theophan was a gifted preacher and lived simply. He died at st. Archangel day 1890. and  according to his own wish he was buried in the cemetery in Plaski.