The Charter of Brotherhood between 19 Serbian municipalities from Kosovo and Republika Srpska signed

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The Charter of Brotherhood between 19 municipalities (of 25 Serbian municipalities in  Kosovo and Metohija) and the equal number of Republika Srpka municipalities  has been signed in Zubin Potok in Kosovo and Metohija today.

Assistant of the Kosovo directorate  Mirko Krlić said that this fraternization with Republika Srpska municipalities, as well as with the  municipalities of Central Serbia, was inspired  by the unstoppable process of uniting Serbs.

“This is our gathering  … because we are vulnerable, we need to to give hope  to each other, to stop all the fears.  We need to get as close as possible for the sake of Kosovo, of  Serbian ancient homeland Kosovo. “

Krlić said that in the year when the whole Christianity marks  1700 years of Edict of Milan “There is only one place in the world where the Serbs were expelled, killed, where they seize their property, fire destroyed their churches and cemeteries – it’s our Kosovo and Metohija.”

Zubin Potok mayor Slavisa Ristic said that the action of fraternization came at the right time, “the time when we take decisive battle to remain a part of Serbia with hopes that  Serbia will save Kosovo”.

Ristic also said that quantity of humanitarian aid for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija expresses  ” moral support and love  Serbs in  Republika Srpska have for their beloved holy lands,” and that it means the greatest support to the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija at the moment.


“What we keep in Kosovo not only our property, but something sacred to every  Serb wherever they live.  That’s why we try to keep  all the  Serbs from all over the world united,  with God’s help” said Ristic.

The representative of the municipality of Banja Luka  (RS)  Ljiljana Radovanovic also said  that Banja Luka, like other cities and municipalities in the RS,  harbors special feelings towards our holly Kosovo, as the cradle of our spirituality, the holiest and a sacred memory of Serbian history.
Within a three-day visit to Kosovo, the representatives of Republika Srpska are to visit Kosovsku Mitrovicu, the Monument dedicated to Kosovo battle (1389) and Kosovo heroes Gazimestan,  Gracanica Monastery, former capital holly city of  Prizren,  Velika Hoca and its famous ancient vineyards, and the Patriarchate of Pec and Decani monastery.


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