Collateral Damage (Video)

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This documentary film was made the 1996 , a year after end of the war in Bosnia..



In the summer of 1995. NATO planes bombed a number of Serbian military positions in Republic of Srpska. Some of the projectiles missed and hit civilian houses. This is known as the collateral mistake…Is collateral damage as harmless as it sounds ?…

… Before the civil war in Bosnia, 150.000 Serbs lived in Sarajevo. According to the Dayton Peace Agreement, only a part of the outlying district of Sarajevo (Dobrinja) was assignedd to the Serbs. In some places the dividing line runs right through a residential area. Or worse, right through a block of flats, so that families are cooking their food in Bosnia and watching TV in the Republic of Srpska …

… What brings,after 3,5 years a meeting of two Sarajevo buddies, SASHA (a Serb) and MIRZET (a Moslim),who had spent the war in trenches opposite each other, secretly meeting on one of the Sarajevo hills (a new Dayton border line)?…

Film was awarded with:
GRAND PRIX on the: – 44th Festival of Yugoslav short & docum .film in Belgrade 1997.
CRYSTAL PRISM – (the Yugoslav “Oscar”) for the best documentary film in 1996/97.
SILVER KNIGHT – 6th International Filmfrstival “Golden Knight” – Moscow 1997.




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