Where has the Yugoslav Kingdom’s gold gone?

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 Americans have taken deposits from the Yugoslav 15,649 kilograms of monetary gold and calculated everything they ever gave as the humanitarian aid during the war, to partisans and other fractions as well.

They calculated even the expense of the bombs they thrown on Serbian towns.

Frederal reserve

In the second half of the 1930 es, Prince Paul of Yugoslavia was deeply aware of the European reality. The system established in Versailles was collapsing and Germany has become a lever that creates a new order. This constellation of power means that Yugoslavia must find its own place. Recognizing the threat to the Kingdom before the start of World War II, Royal Earth Defense Council decided to start evacuation of the gold reserves from Belgrade.

Transportation have been done by a warship “Beograd”. It arrived in England loaded with 980 crates containing 3379 gold bars. National Bank of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in London already had 225 gold bars, so this was an increase to 44886.61 pounds. According to all available data obtained by the historian Miodrag Jankovic, on the eve of the 27th March 1941. the Kingdom of Yugoslavia owned 84,574 kilograms of pure gold.

Following the outbreak of the Second World War, when the attack on England was expected, it was decided to transfer the gold immediately in the United States. The amount of Yugoslav gold that was transported from England to New York is 33683.51 ounce.

By the end of the war only 11203.10 pounds of the Yugoslav gold remained in the English Treasury.
During the 1940th there were two transports of gold: the first, when the Yugoslav gold was withdrawn from Switzerland and sent via Athens to New York (344 crates or 14168.16 kilograms of pure gold). Shortly before the bombing of Belgrade, the National Bank of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia had at the Federal Reserve in the U.S. exactly 41,666 kilograms of gold . On 18th March 1941. The National Bank has sold 20,002 kilograms of gold for 11.225 million dollars and the money was deposited with the Bank of Brazil.

So in the Yugoslav state’s Treasury remained 10703.41 pounds,  stored in Uzice in an underground vault and in Sarajevo – 9611.30 1089.80 pounds. (This gold was later abducted by the Croatian Ustasha).

As for the treasury from Uzice (204 boxes) it was taken to Niksic (today Montenegro) and stored in local Trebjesa cave. But not for long. The very next day the gold was transferred to the airport Krapina for further transport abroad, and 190 cases of the state gold remained on the Nikišič airport, due to the low capacity of the aircraft.
Thus only 14 crates loaded with 674 kilograms of gold have gone abroad.

The insurgental government brought eight boxes (385 kg) while six more have been taken by the Yugoslav royal army HQ (289 kg). For ex. there were three boxes of gold in general Bora Mirkovic’s plane.

When the gold arrived to England the insurgents had to deposit it in the Bank of England. The gold was used to provide salaries to Yugoslav ministers and officials in London, and also monthly emoluments to Queen Mary, King Peter II and his brothers Andrew and Prince Tomislav until the 1952.
But that was not all.

Insurgental government – General Simovic, Slobodan Jovanovic, Milos Trifunovic, Bozidar Puric and Ivan Subasic – have had the deposit of the National Bank of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at their disposal ( the amount of 24,587,814.08 dollars.).

When the WW II finished there were only 662,757.13 unspent dollars on that account. The USA federal bank claimed that almost $ 20 million was spent.

As for the gold that remained in Niksic, 100 pounds have been stolen in the chaos when the Government escaped.  Italians abducted 176 crates or 8393.22 kilograms of Yugoslav gold. Germans seized four boxes of 188.45 pounds in the Ostrog Serbian Orthodox monastery.

Chetniks found and took one, meanwhile notorious communist secret police OZNA discovered five crates and transferred them to Belgrade.
The U.S. government estimated that the confiscated property of its citizens in Yugoslavia, objectively estimated on 3 – 4 million $, was 17 million $ worth!

Therefore “our allies” Americans, took 15. 649.22 pounds from the total of 41. 666.00 which they used it to buy weapons, uniforms, food, cars, planes – all they had in mind during the war to help Tito’s partisans. Most cynical is the fact that the Americans calculated even the value of bombs they dropped at the end of the war on Serbian towns.

So we have been lied – Karadjordjevic did not “run away with people’s money.” King Peter II flown from Niksic with his personal belongings only.
And Prince Paul with his family on 27 March 1941. also with personal luggage only, boarded the train that took him to Greece, where he was betrayed and handed over to the English, who had interned him and sent him to Kenya.

Source:  Politika daily, Beograd