U.S. Department : Kosovo is transit country for Afghanistan drugs

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Kosovo is an important transit country for drugs from Afghanistan and Turkey on their way into Europe, but there are also growing problems of drug-trafficking and consumption within the country itself.


This is according to the latest US State Department report on drugs submitted to Congress. News of the report was released by the Belgrade media.


“Kosovo has serious problems in the fight against drug-trafficking because of the lack of controls at the border and the high rate of corruption among border police and customs officials,” the US report says. Kosovo, the study continues, “is not a major drug producer”, but rather “a transit country for Afghan heroin which travels through Turkey and for cocaine and marijuana that comes through Albanian and Montenegrin ports on its way to Europe”.

The report underlines the high level of corruption that exists in Kosovo between border guards and customs officials, which makes action against drug-trafficking all the more difficult.

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