Skopje, FYR Macedonia, yesterday

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Unrest in Macedonia after the appointment of the Albanian militant а Defense Minister.  The protests began yesterday when a group of Macedonian military veterans from the “Dignity”organization opposed the appointment of Talat Jafer, a former militant of the Macedonia (Albanian) Liberation Army, who was fighting against the Macedonian army and police during 2001. Today the streets in Skopje Albanians stoned the building of the government, attacked the police and destroyed all the flags of Macedonia. According to the Macedonian police, 11 police officers and 18 demonstrators were injured. In the city there are numerous clashes between the Albanian and Macedonian youth.
The protesters destroyed FYR Macedonian and replacing it with the Albanian flag
FYR Macedonian forces attacked
Police arrested mainly ethnic Macedonians, the public believes it is so in order to save the Government, which is dependent on the Albanian political parties.
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