Kosovo: Hand grenade explodes in Serb neighborhood

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KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, BELGRADE — The Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija has said that it condemned in the strongest terms the latest incident in Kosovo that targeted Serbs.


The office was reacting to the explosion late on Sunday near Suvi Do, near Kosovska Mitrovica, to say that “for months now, violence, robbery and arson have been occurring on a daily basis” there:

“For months we have been warning about the violence that has been happening since the proclamation of supervised independence. We wish to know when the violence perpetrated against Serbs will become a criminal act, and when the perpetrators, from those who committed murder in Talinovac to those who exploded the bomb in Suvi Do, will be discovered and punished.”

“If the international communities wishes to, like Serbia does, find a just and lasting solution, it will have to take on its part of the responsibility, to prevent and punish the violence in Kosovo and Metohija. Negotiations in the shadow of violence can hardly be successful. The state of Serbia is condemning the violence, and does not perpetrate it,” said the statement.

Reports earlier in the day quoted a Kosovo police, KPS statement, that said that an M75 hand grenade was set off in the northern Kosovo city of Kosovska Mitrovica late on Sunday evening.

The device exploded on a path in front of the building inhabited by about 50 Serb families, who were “greatly upset by the explosion”, according to Tanjug.

Nobody was injured in the blast, but it caused considerable material damage, the news agency quoted the release.

With two cars and a number of windows of two apartments in a building in Kolašnska St. damaged, the police characterized the act as criminal offense of causing general danger.

The building is located on the outskirts of the city, on the road to the multiethnic village of Suvi Do.

The KPS said that an investigation was underway to reveal the motives and circumstances of the criminal act, adding that the perpetrator was still unknown.

This was the second serious incident occurring in Kosovo and Metohija during the weekend.

The first took place on the road between Suvi Lukavac and Srbobran in the municipality of Istok on Saturday afternoon, when an unknown attacker shot at a car driven by Serb Momir Pantić, shooting him in one arm, while another bullet grazed his face.


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