The Infinite War – Afghanistan (Video)

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Documentary “The Infinite War”  by Ricardo Iakona, journalists RAI, the harsh reality of Kosovo and roads in drugs and weapons.

As in Kosovo operate clandestine military structure of the KLA, which routes drugs and guns coming to Kosovo, what do terrorists in the Balkans to Afghanistan, you’ll see the following exciting documentary “The Infinite War” Italian television RAI.

Ricardo Iakona (52), an Italian journalist and television presenter. After graduating from the University of Bologna, in the period since 1980. to 1987. he worked as an assistant director in television and film projects.
In 1987. Iakona began working for television “RAI Tre” was shown on many of his documentaries.
Richard Iakona research projects are mainly socio angaživani with high personal side.

In September of 2008. The movie premiere was broadcast The Infinite War the situation in Kosovo and the Balkans terrorist links with Afghanistan.

One of his most successful projects is the film Bread and policies, which aired in three parts, and describes the policy of the new millennium in three different contexts – the city, the region and the parliament.

Iakona in 2007. He received the prestigious award for journalism, “Nino Culicia” awarded by the city of Marsala. As the award citation states that “Iakona succeeded, with courage and perseverance, to develop a free spirit and stay away from the pressures and competing interests.”

In early 2008. year Iakona also received Ulikses University Ithaca Association, which was founded by students of Italian origin who live abroad. Iakona same year was awarded the “Premio Sulmona” for outstanding contribution to journalism and cultural creativity.

The Infinite  war – Afghanistan (eng. subtitle)




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