The Second Serbian Uprising (1815-1817)

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On 23. April 1815. start of the Second Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman empire in Takovo, centar Serbia. The painting of Paja Jovanovic represents chieftain Miloš Obrenović, founder of the House of Obrenović, pleadging an oath in front of the people and saying the legendary words: ” Here I am and here you are: War to the Turks!”


Takovo, proclamation of Uprising.


The Second Serbian Uprising (1815-1817) was a second phase of the Serbian revolution against the Ottoman Empire, which erupted shortly after the re-annexation of the country to the Ottoman Empire, in 1813. The occupation was enforced following the defeat of the First Serbian Uprising (1804-1813), during which Serbia existed as a de facto independent state for over a decade. The second revolution ultimately resulted in Serbian semi-independence from the Ottoman Empire. Principality of Serbia was established, governed by its own Parliament, Constitution and its own royal dynasty. De jure independence followed during the second half of the 19th century


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