Angelina Jolie seeks to elimination Republic of Srpska (Serb part of Bosnia)

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Diplomatic scandal!


After the premiere of “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, in which Serbs were represented as killers and rapists, actress and director announced the action against the “genocidal creation” …..



Angelina in the movie claims that in the Bosnian war Serbs killed 300,000 Muslims and 50,000 Muslim women were raped……


Sarajevo Center for Research and Documentation in 2006. year after years of research revealed the fact that during the four-year war in Bosnia WERE killed 96,175 people, of whom 63,994 were Bosniaks, 24,200 Serbs and Croats, 7338


If this data is not convincing, it could be called the demographic department of the Hague Tribunal, which has reported that the number of victims of the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina 102,622, of whom 72,000 were Bosniaks and Croats , and 30,700 Serbs.


Petar Djokic, Minister of Labour, Veterans and Disability Protection of Republika Srpska, the messenger says that it is clear that the part of a new attack on RS.

– But with a new approach! Angelina used to continue to attack us. That was the thing. Starting with the OHR and other international organizations, is always their aim was – to bust the RS, and even to abolish it. And now that they have not succeeded, try-tried methods, through art. Hollywood movie should be animated by the world public and that the Serbs are again on a pillar of shame. But these are futile attempts, but we will react if they are making false data. How is it possible that the Serbs in their own home are criminals and aggressors? It is obvious that Angelina has received a lot of money to do it, it’s all orchestrated!


What is the content of the film

At the beginning of the film Ajla is preparing for a meeting with the Serbian police. In the next scene they are dancing in a Sarajevo nightclub, when a bomb explodes, disrupting the peace in this multiethnic city. The bombs, of course, set up by Serbs.

In the next scene a woman distracting a bus that takes them into the Serbian camp, where they are raped! Serbian policeman throws a woman on the hood of the car and raped her. The policeman grabs Ajlu that her rape, but he stopped Daniel, “her” a Serb, who is protected from rape and tells her that nobody dares to touch. Ajla survives so it is locked in a room that sleeps only with Daniel. The reason why someone would spent the entire war defending the woman he had only one meeting remains unknown….


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