Wahhabis operate in 17 BiH municipalities

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BANJALUKA – Wahhabis  constitute 5 percent of the  Bosniak population in  Bosnia-Herzegovina, and  they are present in 17  mostly rural  municipalities.

Wahhabis usually reside and operate in border areas of BiH, where they can smoothly carry out their activities, said sources of that daily.

Thus, Wahhabis established their strongholds in the municipalities of Zenica, Zepce, Kalesija, Travnik, Bugojno, Zavidovici, Maglaj, Tesanj, Brcko, Sarajevo, Mostar, Konjic, Jablanica, Sanski Most, Teslic, Doboj and Doboj Istok.

That number is not final though, since there is a fair chance that they are present in some other areas. It is also believed that the actual number of BiH Wahhabis by far exceeds the number released by certain security services.

“The released data show BiH has 3,000-5,000 Wahhabis. However, you should not be deluded. The movement is much bigger, and its members constitute 5 percent of the Bosniak population. Of course, all of them are not terrorists,” said Dzevad Galijasevic, a member of the South-East Europe Expert Team for the Fight against Terrorism and Organized Crime.

                                    (Terrorist attack on a police station in Bugojno 2010 BiH)

Commenting of the daily’s findings regarding the areas in which Wahhabis are present, expert for security issues Predrag Ceranic underlined that he is not surprised at the fact that they reside in border areas.

“It is not a mere coincidence that they reside along the Inter-Entity Boundary Line. The Wahhabi movement should be regarded as a political organization, and wherever they appear, they position themselves in the same way. They organize enclaves in rural areas which are hard to reach. The locals are usually afraid of them, and try to stay away,” Ceranic said.

On the other hand, the authorities in these areas have no knowledge that the people living there might be upset in any way.

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